Milwaukee Microgreens supplies southeastern Wisconsin with fresh, locally grown microgreens

  • We offer online ordering and delivery straight to your doorstep for all residential customers in the Greater Milwaukee area.
  • We supply local restaurants, caterers, distributors, and stock home fridges across southeastern Wisconsin.
  • Sustainability is at the center of our team’s vision with all spent soil and organic matter being locally composted.
  • We have over 10 years experience growing microgreens and herbs in both soil and hydroponic mediums. 
Red Veined Sorrel 5

Grown Indoors

All of our crops are grown indoors with a dialed in climate right in the heart of Bay View, Milwaukee. Our vertical farming system saves water and space, allowing for a large output with price benefits at scale.

Attention to Detail

We pride ourselves on giving each tray more attention than they deserve to ensure a high quality crop. Harvest days are as close as possible to delivery days for the freshest possible product.

Unrivaled Freshness

With Milwaukee Microgreens, you can expect this freshness to confidentally last between 1-2 weeks when stored properly.

Our residential microgreens are available online through Milwaukee Farmers United. Simply put, this service aggregates natural, locally grown produce and artisan goods in a customizable farm box that delivers to your home or office each Wednesday and Sunday. For more information on how to get our microgreens delivered to you, check out Milwaukee Farmers United

Restaurants are our primary audience and we take your business very seriously. From Americana to Latin Fusion to traditional Italian, chefs have chosen to partner with us as their local microgreen and herb grower. Simply put, we take pride in our product and it shows. If you’re looking for additional flavor, texture both subtle and forward, we’d be happy to swing by and chat with your team over samples. Learn more about us below or send us a message and see for yourself!

Whether you’re a caterer, CSA, Co Op, distributor, or really hungry, we offer favorable pricing on bulk orders. To get a start on our current offerings and introductory pricing, please contact us.