to your door

Spice up your meals with a fresh kick of flavor, texture, and complexity. Whether you’re a foodie, amateur chef, or trying to add a healthy spark into your family’s meals, microgreens are an exciting way to tackle all three!

Our residential microgreens are available online through Milwaukee Farmers United (MFU) and our subscription program

Simply put, MFU is a service that aggregates natural, locally grown produce and artisan goods in a customizable farm box that delivers to you each Wednesday and Sunday. If you’d like our microgreens delivered to your door completely free, please click Subscription information below or continue down the page for MFU ordering information.

If you know you want weekly or monthly deliveries, our subscription is perfect. If you’re looking for one off microgreen orders alongside other farm grown products, consider Milwaukee Farmers United. Both will be delivered to you at no added charge!

  1. Browse our catalog below for our offerings by first selecting the Microgreens filter. 
  2. See something you like? You can register straight from this page by hitting “Register” underneath “Your Cart” below. Account creation is simple, straightforward and allows for immediate ordering.
  3. Once your account is set up, you can select your products, compile your order and select your delivery date.
  4. Once delivery is confirmed, we harvest your order, wash and package the micros, then deliver your order in a cooled environment to keep your order as fresh as possible before you receive it. 
  5. Have fun and enjoy! If you have any issues with any of the above steps, please click the button below for full instructions.

We grow a variety of microgreens based around customer demand and what challenges us as growers. This page outlines our core offering, or what will always be available, but expect new varieties as we continue to experiment and find flavors our customers love.