MKE Restaurants deserve
MKE Microgreens

We’ve been working with Milwaukee area restaurants since the beginning. Our goal has always been growing strong microgreens, meaning great taste and texture. Our chefs are great judges of these characteristics and appreciate the little things that produce quality greens.

While we grow for consumers and large events, restaurants are our bread and butter. We are inspired by their creations and work alongside them to grow unique varieties. With new micros added to our arsenal each week, chances are we offer a green that suits your needs.

Triciclo Tuna
Morel Venison and Mustard
WH Micro Photo
Radish Dinner

Send us a message or give us a call. We’ll be happy to send over our fresh sheet menu and chat further over samples. All ordering is done quickly and easily through our online menu. We work off of both standing orders and one-offs for events or tasting dinners.