Grow your own microgreens

With simple, straightforward instructions and an all-in-one kit, anyone can grow their favorite microgreens.

Microgreen Kits


Forget the green thumb and grow lights, you can grow your own microgreens regardless of age or experience with an all-in-one microgreen grow kit! We keep it simple with straightforward instructions, tasty and beginner-friendly crops, and all the tools to grow your own produce consistently. Depending on the seeds selected, expect to harvest your microgreens in 7-12 days from planting.

Kit includes:

  1. Step-by-Step Instruction Card
  2. Re-usable Grow Tray
  3. Mister bottle
  4. Grow Medium (2)
  5. Microgreen Seed Packets (2)

Available Seed Combinations:

  1. Broccoli & Radish
  2. Purple Kohlrabi & Turnip
  3. Purple Cabbage & Kale

Where to Buy

Currently, these kits can be found through Milwaukee Farmers United (MFU) and at our farmers market stand at the Wauwatosa Farmers Market (Saturdays all summer long).